It's over - The KCC says bye bye

German Version

Everything that starts eventually comes to an end!
Even if the whole thing is difficult for us, but unfortunately this is exactly what we will tell you at this point, but first everything at the beginning.

It was February 2021, Kirkenes was one of the hotspots and actually almost every player on ProMods was there. So did Onkel Flaschenbier, then still as Andysch, and also Onkel Flaschenbier, formerly as Dat Tunes.
We met again and again and just chatted briefly on the radio, it was nothing more at the beginning.
One evening we decided to just go on a tour and somehow, well, we were stupid in a way.
We drove together more often and on a Friday evening, with a few beers too many and a bit more nonsense on our minds, the saying came out for fun, let's open a truck and call ourselves KirkenesChaosClub.
Actually just for fun, without being serious, we continued the evening.

The noon after
Andy came into Discord and said very dryly: I might have done something there...
We thought nothing of it and then he sent a link from Trucksbook and the KCC was formed.
At the beginning as pure fun Spedi and to drive in with friends (max. 10 men) we realized early on that this "beer idea" was something that still gave us a lot of work.
In addition to Lukas, Lumpi, Lizarro, Matze and many more. the first inquiries came, can I become a driver.
After less than 4 weeks we were already there with more than 30 drivers and then we started to work actively as a forwarding agent.

We grew and grew and gained our first experiences with events thanks to Sanamaria (rest in peace) and the Prime Logistic.
We quickly noticed that we felt very comfortable there and drove more and more convoys and we were also welcome in the rest of the TMP world.

Thanks to Shibainupfote, we also became active in the social media channels, he always took care of Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and gained more and more reach.

After less than 5 months we were with almost 90 drivers and the first decision was made to leave Trucksbook and go with our own tracker.
This went online in September and we are still using it to this day, but everything that grows will eventually feel its downside and the first problems have come.

In October and November things went downhill for the first time, we lost around 30 drivers and we quickly realized that something had to happen.
Unfortunately, it took a relatively long time before things went back to normal, but apparently it shouldn't go back in the old direction.
We didn't do much for the rest of the year either and closed the topic for 2021 and wanted to start actively again in 2022.
That's how it was, the new year was here, the planning started for our first birthday and we planned it thoroughly and successfully completed it with the help of Camox and its Consec.
Almost 260 players were there, everyone was able to win something and did so, TruckersMP also streamed our birthday Twitch and a few others did the same.
KCC, hated by moderators at the beginning, wasn't as bad as expected, but unfortunately not well-liked in the German community :(
It doesn't matter, it was the push we need and we tried to start many new projects internally, but then it didn't want to anymore.
Somehow it still worked, but not again and some time ago there was another unrest and we just ran out of strength.

The KirkenesChaosClub will cease operations on July 15th, 2022!
It's not a joke, it's our final decision.
On July 15th, 2022 there will be a last tour from Utz Joki to Visby and everyone, whether KCC driver or former KCC driver, as well as every player is invited to take part.
Meeting is at 6 p.m. (4 p.m. UTC) in Utz Joki and departure at 6:30 p.m. (4:30 p.m. UTC)
We would like to thank everyone who was there for the KCC, contributed to the KCC or supported us in any way.
It's over, bye bye and the radio message most hated by KCC drivers: keep the bumper clean

KCC and alumni
Onkel Flaschenbier, Onkel Dosenbier, Onkel Bierkapitän, OnkelBierfass, Onkel Bierkasten, jonasletsplaii, Thorin, Shibainupfote, DragonSebi, OnkelBierkrug, xNashyy01, Capt. Banane, Andre_17, Mucke-36198, Treiko, euresonne1991, Karottenkotz20, Opa Bierline, mxriegaming, [GER]XxDerHARDYxX

Freunde des KCC
Andreas (Prime), Camox, WhiteWolf, der_joey, AnasTrucker (TQD), HandOfClash, Cevil & qsr89 (Aurora), Sanamaria (RIP), MOUSA (TQD), Ballermanndirk, Capt. Zange, Kev_Hapunkt, ZaroMW, Velo, Battelstar222, HerzoginLeyla, oBabyFace, OnkelRene, PinkFluffy. Leider kann man nicht jeden nennen

VTC Auf Achse, ConSec, Prime Logistic, Aurora VTC, TQD, Demir, Global Cargo, Phoenix, RLC, NordRock Logistik, Reamonn Spedition, HAS LOGISTICS, Rising Logistic, Lisette Logistics, Bruijn Logistics, Viva Trucking, GäkBärü VTC und vielen weiteren

Wir bedanken uns auch bei allen Hatern, ohne euch hätten wir das auch nicht geschafft


RIP KirkenesChoasClub 15.07.2022