Official rulebook of KirkenesChaosClub (KCC)

§1 general

§1.1 playertags

  • The playertag KirkenesChaosClub shall be used in orange colour (R:255, G:161, B:0)
  • KCC Heavy Cargo playertag can only be used if you have the permission of the KCC Heavy Cargo management.

§1.2 Probation/ handling with colleagues/ holidays

  • New drivers will have a probation of four weeks
  • We’ll look on the behaviour while driving and the handling with the others
  • Respectful behaviour is a duty, if you got problems or have any questions, please contact EureSonne91 (ES91#0571), he is your contact partner.
  • Absences for longer than two consecutive weeks must be shared in our discord, channel called “Urlaubsmeldungen”
  • If you get banned from TMP, you must immediately communicate it in the “Urlaubsmeldungen” channel.

§2: traffic rules / driving for KCC

§2.1 TMP rules

  • Rules of TMP are to be strictly followed, you can find them here:
  • On the eventservers, the rules of the servers/ the organisers apply

§2.2 general rules KCC

  • We have an optional reference speed of 96 km/h.
  • On the road, keep at least 50-80 meters of safety distance.
  • Avoid driving in ghost mode, especially in Kirkenes. Wait until your fully respawned, more specifically park your vehicle at the side of the road and wait there.
  • If you get stuck and can’t escape within the next 30 seconds, press F7 and load the save after that.
  • If you have a lag when loading your save, close the game by using the task manager. Otherwise you’re blocking the road.

§2.3 other rules

  • You represent a company, so everyone must drive properly. No unnecessary overtaking/driving maneuver, blocking the corners or any other senseless stuff.
  • All that will not apply if we’re having our crazy five minutes somewhere in the woods 😉
  • An active participation in our discord or forum is very welcome. Please follow the rules of the respective platform.
  • Keep yourself up to date by reading the news/information in our discord channels.

§3 Convoys

§3.1 TMP rules

§3.2 KCC rules

  • Your vehicle should be fueled and fixed before the convoy begins.
  • Your freight for a KCC convoy shouldn’t be heavier than 20 tons, so we can drive all together and no one will lose touch to the group.
  • If it is a heavy cargo convoy, your freight should be heavier than 20 tons.
  • We have our own convoy lorry, which we use for public convoys.

§3.3 Convoy security

  • Instructions of the convoy control must be followed (KCC convoy control)
  • Roadblocks to stop other players are not allowed.
  • Don’t block other players who doesn’t belong to the convoy and want to overtake. Give them a chance to either overtake the convoy completely or join the convoy temporary. Don’t disturb or annoy anyone who is not part of the convoy.

3.4 other rules

  • Convoys with 5 up to 8 vehicles will be driven with a maximum speed of 100 km/h. If there are more than 8 vehicles, the speed limit is 90 km/h. The speed can also be changed or adjusted individually by the leader of the convoy.

§4 Trucksbook / VTC on TMP

§4.1 Trucksbook

  • It’s mandatory to register on trucksbook and use the client
  • Everyone should drive at least 1000km every month. If you’re not able to do it, please share it in the discord channel “Urlaubsmeldungen”

§4.2 VTC on TMP

  • It’s mandatory to log in yourself on the VTC site, likewise with trucksbook. Link for VTC:
  • Our playertag «KirkenesChaosClub» is copyright protected at TruckersMP. If you use it and you’re not a member of KirkenesChaosClub, you might get ab ban.

§5 Kirkenes

§5.1 rules of TruckersMP

  • Double or triple trailer are forbidden on the Kirkenes quarry road, according to the rules:
  • Maximum five players can drive in the same direction at the same time (ignoring this could cause a ban)

§5.2 rules of KCC (quarry)

  • Exchange yourselves before entering the quarry, where your colleagues are now. Have a look into the player tab or ask in the discord.
  • If a group of five drivers entering the quarry, the others must wait at the Deutsche Wiese (meadow next to the road who leads into the quarry) or at the Russian boarder. You can enter the quarry, when the first group has reached the s-curves after the wooden bridge. It also depends a bit on the current traffic situation.
  • Unnecessary waiting at the meadow next to the quarry should be avoided.
  • Leave enough space for other KCC drivers, if their driving the quarry for the first time. Everyone should have the chance to drive in the quarry.
  • Show respect to the others over the radio. If another player annoys you, just mute him in the TAB.
  • Lowbed trailers (the very low one) is forbidden in the quarry. Use the low-loader with 3, 4, or 5 axles at the back instead. Have a look at the pictures here:
  • Have a look on the quarry map as well:

§5.3 rules of KCC (German meadow)

  • Due to the convoy rules, there shouldn’t stand more than 5-10 players on the German meadow at the same time because it’s a high traffic area.
  • AFK standing on the German meadow should be avoided as well. If you’re AFK for longer than 10 minutes, please log out or move your vehicle to the airport or the Russian boarder.
  • Parking right next to the crossroad is also forbidden. Place yourself more towards the back of the meadow. Otherwise, the admins will kick you from the server.

§5.4 other rules

  • Don’t block people who overtake you. Be clever and stay on your side
  • If you get stuck and can’t escape after 30 seconds, press F7 and load your save afterwards.
  • Don’t block bridges, corners or the tunnel on purpose. Check the map or use the flycam/ outside cam.
  • A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will. Even if you are in the right, you better give in, port back to the saving point and drive again.

§6 others

§6.1 company-Internal information

  • Please inform yourself regularly on our discord server to stay up to date.
  • Internal information may not be disclosed to third parties
  • Same applies for mods and skins.

§6.2 termination / quitting

  • All information, pictures, mods etc. which are property of KCC, must be deleted immediately.
  • If you want to leave the KCC, please inform us. Leaving without telling is not very kind.

§6.3 warning system

  • We will issue a warning, if someone does not behave properly or ignores any rules.
  • A warning should not offend anybody, it’s just a fair note on a mistake someone did.

§6.4 other stuff

Please come and talk to us, if you suffer a problem within KCC or with another player in TMP.

If you receive a ban, you can contact us for assistance with the appeal.

§7 rules for streamers

§7.1 general

If you’re a member of KCC and you stream on twitch, please keep in mind that you’re representing the company on twitch as well.

Don’t offend any other player, don’t complain if not necessary etc.

Every streamer can use the KCC graphics in his stream.